How to decide on a professional pyrolysis device producer ?

How to pick a expert pyrolysis machine company ?
As we know pyrolysis equipment is one of the inexperienced and effectiveness way to fix the waste tires and squander plastics pollution dilemma.
If you research “waste tires pyrolysis machine” through goole, Alibaba or other B2B platform, numerous a lot of squander tires pyrolysis device companies will seem in entrance of your eyes.
How to select a very good and professional supplier ?
Due to the fact this is a special subject, higher revenue and high risk.
So, when you choose suppliers, please take into account these two elements, device design and individual oil refining ordeals.
From the device layout, can know regardless of whether they are skilled or not.
From their personal oil refining activities, can distinct regardless of whether your workers can be trained in a very good and proper way for the machine installation and operation.
As we all know, for the machine, high quality is crucial, but only occupy forty%, the rest 60% is installation and operation.
If you buy the machine but can not install it in a right way, that will be too harmful. Due to the fact what we generate is oil gas, it is flammable, for illustration, if have leakage issue or blocking issue, might lead to blast.
If your employees can not operate the equipment properly, that will also impact the working functionality.
For illustrations, oil charge.
As we know the oil charge is associated with these four elements.
a), raw materail
like you combine bike tires with automobile tires and truck tires, the oil rate can not be larger than you only method the truck tires or automobile tires.
because the truck tires, its oil fee all around 45% to fifty%, for plastic to diesel , its oil price about forty% to forty five%, the motorcycle tires its oil fee all around 25%-30%.
b), cooling program design
for the cooling program, its operating theory is heating trade.
As our 23 several years of experience, a very good cooling system’s layout should take into account these factors: attempt to enable the very hot oil fuel and great water touching region as greater as feasible
attempt to let the sizzling oil fuel and great drinking water touching time as longer as achievable (this is related with the oil gas flowing velocity and the flowing distance)
if the cooling technique design and style is not very good sufficient to cool down all the oil fuel made by the pyrolysis reactor, then that will be your misplaced.
due to the fact our major goal is to get oil from tires, if the oil price is reduced, then your income will be diminished.
c), temperature handle
When work the device, need to have to handle the temperature in a specified variety, if the temperature way too high, the oil fuel will turn into syngas, oil charge will be diminished, if the temperature way too reduced, can not completely pyrolyze the waste tires and squander plastics, this will also reduce your oil fee.
d), h2o temperature
the drinking water which is used to awesome down the oil gas inside condensers ought to be as cool as attainable.
Imagine, if your employees they are not educated in a correct and skilled way, they may possibly work the machine with substantial temperature, that will impact the oil charge, finally reduce your profit.
In addition, be mindful of buying from traders, they do not have oil refining encounter, this is extremely huge danger if decide on them. Imagine if no following market support, what will take place ?


Think out of the box -convert waste into oil energy

We will be  your parter  in the following project

Never allow I cannot in your world until you give up trying.

I want to have a try. It should be  the attitude towards life.

In our world there are so many great steps that we have never imaged in the past life.


There was a group of experts who were invited to discuss the future of the city of New York in 1860. They all speculated about what would happen to the city of New York in 100 years, and the conclusion was unanimous: The city of New York would not exist in 100 years. Why? Because they looked at the curve and said, if the population keeps growing at this rate, to move the population of New York around, they would have needed six million horses, and the manure created by six million horses would be impossible to deal with. They were already drowning in manure.

So what happens? In 40 years’ time, in the year 1900, the United States of America, there were 1,001 car manufacturing companies — 1,001.

That is the life. Car manufactures which gives New York city new beginning ,even for the whole world.

There are so many unknown gifts that waiting for us.

What is the limit ?

Limit is the people think the emperor will take gold shoulder-pole.

Think out of the box,it is I am possible for impossible.

After more than 100 years car manufacturing development ,it is so convenient to have a far trip with car travel.

Now we enjoy the advantage from car manufacturing bring to us,though we have no need to worry how to dispose the manure , the worse  problem is how to face millions of tires per day.

You may say we can burn it directly ,but it will make black smoke finally it will make pollution to the environment.Or you mean we can landfill,but it is not the right way to dispose waste but shirk the responsibility.

How can we find a better way to help the world reduce the problem of many waste tires?

Now our Huayin recycling company has developed pyrolysis technology to convert waste tire into fuel oil or recycle waste tire into diesel.

It is 100% recovery.

For this green technology,One is benefit for environment ,the other is turn waste to profit.And it belongs to business profit.

The current days most people may take care of business than environment ,but if you want ,we can combine them.

Taking pyrolysis technology, it is feasible to achieve this.

Especially now China is the workshop for the whole world, it has abundant cheap labor to produce similar quality product.

Give you one more chance, let us offer one solution for your position.

Huayin may be your important partner in the short future.